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Wiley – Godfather [Review]

To most of you Wiley will be an unknown artist, well after today I hope you give him a try. If you can appreciate hiphop and rap then you will love Grime and this record which to me is the best Grime record ever made! Wiley’s album Godfather, the review.

√ True godfather of Grime

√ Energetic record
√ Boombox breaking beats!
√ Great lyrics

√ Large tracklist with 17 proper bangers!
√ Can’t Go Wrong and Bring Them All / Holy Grime are two of the best rap/grime songs in years!


⊗ Some guest appearances brought the quality level of some songs down


The master, king or godfather of Grime, whatever you call him it would still be an understatement. Wiley is the name and you better remember! Say goodbye to ASAP Rocky, Juicy J, 2 Chainz or any other fake ass American rapper, the British and their Grime scene have risen to global levels and are here to stay! Wiley’s Godfather album is the culmination of Grime and Hip Hop combined, let me explain.

Years ago if you asked me about Kano, Wiley or Skepta, I would have looked at you with a rather questioning look. I recall having created a cd (yes that long ago) with Skepta’s remix of Sunglasses At Night on it. Then in 2012 Skepta came with his Blacklisted mixtape and songs like Tour Bus Massacre and Ace Hood Flow started getting me excited for a new sound of hip hop that is better known as Grime. This is what lead me to Wiley.
Grime has been around a lot longer than 2012 and the man of the hour Wiley is ‘THE’ guy who built it up from the underground scene and brought it to global acclaim, with a little help from lads like Skepta, Stormzy and Dizzy Rascal. Earlier this year Wiley released his 11th studio album (excluding mixtapes) called Godfather. Ever since 2004 Wiley has been trying to convince the world that Grime should be taken more serious and stop being considered an underground sound. Unfortunately it took a lot longer than 38 year old, London born, Wiley would have hoped, but hard work pays dividends right! 2016 and 2017 are the official years in which Grime is finally getting global acclaim and has already taken global superstars like Drake by surprise. With Drake now even having worked together on tracks from his latest album with Skepta and Giggs for example.

So why would you listen to a Londoner with a strong British rap voice? Because both lyrically and musically Wiley is showing how rap and Grime specifically are done da propa way, and its a mad ting! At the end of 2016 Wiley released Can’t Go Wrong, a pure Grime classic and masterpiece. The beat alone should win a Grammy Award, combined with a very catchy hook and rhythm, it sets the tone for the Godfather album. Then as if Wiley could not top it, he releases Bring it all/ Holy Grime feat Devlin and again blasts a phenomenal beat from the speakers and a speed defying rap and lyrical classic. And as always humor can be found in Grime songs: “drink nuff beers, before the game, what you call that? Georgie Best MC.” This type of humor is visible throughout all of his songs and generally a trend in most Grime songs from other artists as well.

Grime music is something you cannot play on volume 5, that shit needs to go up to max volume for the listener to be able to properly enjoy it! ‘Back with a banger’, ‘Joe Bloggs’, ‘P Money Remix’ and ‘Bang’ together with the before mentioned ‘Can’t Go Wrong’ and ‘Bring It All / Holy Grime’ will make you want to lower your car window and turn the stereo up! Throughout the Godfather, Wiley promotes Grime and the scene as something to be proud of and how important hard work and perseverance are, with the occasional joke or jab at American hip hop.

The whole album is a blast, but here are the songs you should at least give a good listen to:
2. Bring It All / Holy Grime feat Devlin
5. Back With A Banger
6. Joe Bloggs feat Newham Generals & President T
8. Can’t Go Wrong
9. Bang feat Ghetts
12. Bait Face feat Scratchy
13. My Direction feat Lethal Bizzle
17. P Money Remix feat P Money

If I had to criticize something then it would be the choice of guest artists or their performance on one or two songs. ‘On This’ features Chip, Ice Kid and Little D, where the latter two seriously should quit rapping, their voices seriously do not match the song or the Grime scene.

To conclude Wiley manages to mix up the beats, speed and lyrics in an impressive fashion really cementing himself at the pinnacle of Grime as the Godfather. Stormzy still has a lot to learn…Skepta and JME, keep it real!


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