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Milky Chance – Blossom [Review]

The funky German acoustic riffs and feet-tapping duo Milky Chance are back! After their 2013 hit record album Sadnecessary and hit single Stolen Dance the bar was set high by Milky Chance, will their new album Blossom be able to top the first record?


√ Matured sound versus previous album

√ Catchy feel good vibes
√ Guitar riffs have become even better
√ Variety of instruments used lift album to next level
√ ‘Heartless’ is simply brilliant


⊗ Sometimes the vocals are a little brash and drossy
⊗ ‘Stay’ and ‘Cocoon’ are utterly rubbish songs

The record starts with the title track, which sets the bar high for the rest of the album. The song as so many on the album starts building up slowly and grows on you until you can just embrace the feel good vibes from the catchy guitar riffs and that typical Milky Chance sound I just love. ‘Clouds’ has a lovely refreshing international tune to it, which gives the album some maturity compared to its predecessor. Songs sound better structured and instead of using sound sampling, real instruments were used to further  enhance that organic feeling.

In general Blossom’s wide variety of tones, instruments and tempo changes makes this as I mentioned earlier a much more mature album than Sadnecessary from 2013. Sadnecessary was an album which makes you imagine sitting around a large bonfire on a beach and relaxing with a guitar and some friends singing the night away. Blossom is like the beach scene was taken to a topnotch studio and upgraded in every way possible.
The beautiful harmonica sound from ‘Cold Blue Rain’ and heavy bass riffs from ‘Doing Good’ give ‘Blossom’ a nice variety in sounds and tones that I felt lacked a bit on Sadnecessary. This is one of those records that grows on you, listen to it 2-3 times and you will start to listen differently to the songs and take notice of the instrumental details in the background.

On the negative side I have to say that ‘Stay’ is one of their worst songs ever. It sounds as if lead vocalist Clemens Rehbein was recording himself while trying to push out a massive turd on the toilet. His voice is far too brash and drossy, he lacks the purity and velvet sound in his voice for a song like that. I was also not too impressed by the song ‘Cocoon’ which was their failed attempt at a really soppy bad pop song.

‘Bad Things’ with Izzy Bizu is beautiful example of the feel good tune and mix of a guest artist voice that matches harmoniously with that of vocalist Rehbein. The deluxe version of the record adds six acoustic versions which complete an already well rounded musical experience built on the sound that Milky Chance has made their own.
The absolute masterpiece on ‘Blossom’ is ‘Heartless’. Almost 7 minutes of vocal harmony, guitar riffs, toe-tapping rythmes, and that fantastic harmonica again.

My favourite songs from the Blossom record and definitely worth a listen are:
1. Blossom
4. Doing Good
5. Clouds
8. Bad Things feat Izzy Bizu
10. Losing You
13. Piano Song

‘Blossom’ is the full maturity of the Milky Chance sound, going strong on a hitmaking concept with even better instrumental influences, feel good vibes and definitely equalling the sound of ‘Sadnecessary’ from 2013, if not beating it by a wee bit. An absolute joy to listen to!


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