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New Apple Watch Series II: Stick With Series I

New is not always better or good for your wallet. In this case get the Series I Apple Watch, not the new one.

Remember that age old thing on your wrist showing you that you are late again…Of course you are never late, because you got the Apple Watch Series I when it was first released and now get every meeting and reminder alert straight from your wrist!
Yes that is where one should wear the Apple Watch or a watch in particular…
Anyway of course many of you are laughing at me pathetically as you did not buy an Apple Watch when it first came out and think why should I now get the second Series?! Your normal watch works fine right? Fair point.

Let me be brief about that, I do ‘not’ want you to go and buy the new Series II. I suggest you buy the Series I.
Bloody Nora! As Captain Slow James May would say. By the way folks, maybe a bit off topic but please go and watch the new (Top Gear) called The Grand Tour on AmazonPrime with our good old friends Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, as it is hilariously brilliant!
Ok we are back to bloody Nora, yes odd consumer advice you would say right?
There are a few reasons why you should get the first series of the Apple Watch:

  1. it looks, performs and works exactly the same as the Series II
  2. it has been lowered in price considerably since the introduction of the Series II
  3. you are not planning on going swimming with dolphins with your watch
  4. you do not get up at 6am every morning for a run, or you already have a Fitbit
  5. it still shows the time

And some points why you would want the Series II:

  1. you have too much cash to burn or just won the lottery or get illegal campaign funding from Middle-East businesses to become President (ahum)
  2. your last name is Bolt and cannot live without a GPS tracker on your wrist
  3. you have always wanted to go swimming at 50m depth and use the built in swimming tracker software to measure how many laps will drown you
  4. it shows the time

All kidding aside, if you are the running or swimming type and have the extra cash in your wallet then I do suggest you go and get the Series II. But for I would say maybe 60-70% of the rest of us, save yourself some money and get the first series.

Both Series I and II have the new update of WatchOS, called WatchOS3. Most important aspect of this update is that all your apps now load near instantly, gone are the days of waiting for 10-20 seconds before an app would load. It is a fantastic update that makes it easier to navigate the menu’s, especially with the new ‘dock’ available. It took Apple some time but WatchOS3 is what WatchOS1 should have been.

Battery Life
I am a heavy user and run dozens of apps, with notifications coming from all angles. Bit like a girl at the end of a porno scene. And as you might have read online the battery is maybe the Watch’s weakest factor and maybe lasts a day. Well I would like to know what those people do to just make it last a day, because I can get two days out of it with ease. You do not need to have your screen on full brightness and the screen lock should be set to just a few seconds and not half a minute. Simples.

Watch Bands
So you went to the Apple Store or the Apple website and thought about getting a fancy alloy link bracelet watch band, but then you saw the $449 price and:
Bastards, aren’t they?! Let me give you a tip. Remember them?
Well for 10-30 bucks you can get just the same, and trust me I have tried numerous and they are all in working order and look exactly the same as the ones on the Apple website.
Suck on that Tim Cook!

And buy it now I suggest because if its up to Trump, Apple will have to manufacture in the US and then your Apple Watch Series III will cost the same as your Bentley!


Bloody Nora, even Bentley make watches…sigh…
And to my American friends, it is Black Friday tomorrow (not at all racist) so get your wallets out! Happy Thanksgiving!

2 comments on “New Apple Watch Series II: Stick With Series I

  1. Klaudia van der Wilden

    leuk geschreven. Heeft die watch ook een golf gps net als een golf watch?


    Liked by 1 person

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