Bastille – Wild World [Review]

Dan Smith’s voice, great variety of songs and sounds, impressive ballads

> Instead of 19 songs (which is a lot), they could have left a few lesser songs off 


In February of 2013 I remember driving in the UK while on business for work, when all of a sudden I hear this choir-like tune coming on the radio. Remember the song Pompeii?

While almost causing a massive accident on the M1, I tried to Shazam the hell out of this tune before it stopped playing on the radio. Bastille it said. Who are they? Well a lot has happened since then and Bastille have stormed the charts with Pompeii amongst quite a few other songs in predominantly the UK and US.

Bastille, led by frontman Dan Smith, are a British indie-pop/ electro-pop band from London. After their extremely successful debut album Bad Blood and their decent follow up All This Bad Blood in 2013, it was time to come out guns blazing  in 2016.
Wild World, Bastille’s new album definitely shows their beautiful range of catchy melodies, guitar riffs and catchy beats, however blazing like a bazooka not so much, more like a big magnum gun. Wild World offers 19 songs that will give you an enjoyable listening session with a few strong ballads thrown in really showcasing the strength and range of Dan Smith’s voice.

Unfortunately though it left me with a slightly disappointed aftertaste. A bit like watching my favourite football team, Arsenal. Most of the songs are well written, accurately melodically pieced together but lack a certain panache, which makes me long back to their first album Bad Blood. Songs like Pompeii, Bad Blood, These Streets and Oblivion really blew my mind and I hope Bastille return to those types of tunes on their next albums.
Even though these opinions are on Wild World I can really suggest you have a listen to Bastille’s first album Bad Blood. This indie-electro-pop ensemble have shown us that pop music does not always have to sound the same. Maybe not worth paying $15 for in the iTunes Store but definitely worth downloading for free on a torrent website. (sshhh don’t tell Apple)

My favourite songs:

1. Good Grief
2. The Currents
4. Warmth
9. Lethargy
12. Fake It
13. Snakes
14. Winter Of Our Youth
18. Shame






1 comment on “Bastille – Wild World [Review]

  1. I can almost agree with what you said on several songs in WW, and I also share some favourites with you (Warmth, Good Grief, Fake It..) Overall, it is a great album with lots of hidden messages as usual! I loved how they were addressing many issues present in today’s world.
    I’d love it if you check out my analysis of “Blame” and let me know what you think! 🙂

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