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PokemonGO – 5 Things I Learnt

I choose you, Pikachuuuu! Does that trigger a memory from your youth? Let me tell you about my experience with the global craze called PokemonGO!

Ash Cetchum? Catch’em? Ketchup? Whatever it is (Ash Ketchum), this Pikachu-fetish, skinny-jeans wearing teenager who just loved playing with his balls a little too much is back. In a way. Well he got me thinking of my youth in which Pokemon had taken over my life, straight after Dragonball Z. Yes I tried but becoming Super Saiyan, unfortunately it just was not going to happen. Yes even I (29 year old geek) could not wait to download the app that made the world go mad once again. We have forgotten about Justin Bieber by now yes thank God. POKEMONGO! POKEMONGO!
Or in other words, #PokemonGoWhereIsMyCharger!

Oh the countless days and evenings I have spent wandering around the beach and town looking for some goofy called fictive animals, brilliant! Even my fiancee has joined in the fun and seems even more competitive than I am. I am not going to explain the procedure of how the app works as that has been rehashed millions of times already, however let me give you my experience over the past 2 months with this bad boy.

P.S. catching rare pokemon while sitting on the toilet has been a very interesting experience.

  1. Love it or Hate it, just accept it!
    Aye, your brother, colleague or even your father is playing this game and you know what? Just accept it. I know a lot of people who think it is childish, stupid and just a craze. Yes it is in a way, but who cares, I am a 29 year old and simply love it. So let us not get too hung up on the silly details of when one is too old or something. I mean looking at this little piece of floof…not the manliest thing right? does not make you feel badass like Rambo right? Maybe more like a Powerpuff Girl!Lisa_Jigglypuff_Sing
  2. Where is my charger!?
    Goddammit this app sucks hard when it comes to battery drain, this sucking makes Jenna Jameson look like an amateur. The continuous use of the phone’s gps, screen and camera really sucks the life out of it. Hey I really do not care, I bought myself and the girlfriend a neat little powerbank and now I can go everywhere not worrying about my battery life. Actually, the sales of powerbanks skyrocketed because of this app, funny right?!
  3. Stop complaining in your reviews!
    Damn there are many impatient, perfectionist nitpickers in this world. Just go into the AppStore and checkout the reviews for PokemonGO. Get a life! Niantic Labs earned over 300 million dollars in two months after the app was downloaded 180 million times!! It cannot be so crap if its turned the world upside down with people running into the sea to catch a Blastoise! The makes of the app Niantic Labs have been very consistent in updating the app almost every 2-3 weeks and have announced many additional features in upcoming updates. So stop yammering and complaining and just catch those little fuckers!
  4. Innovative and simple but addictive.
    Using your camera and gps to find Pokemon, its smart and simple, but so innovative come to think of it. It has gotten millions of people of their couch and running into parks, sea’s and your neighbour’s garden (he is angry I tell you). Like one app has created a global sense of community by making people do what they should be doing anyway, walking! I am looking forward to more updates and enhanced features like player to player trading and battles. But for now I am more than content in walking my ass over to the beach again to find those pesky little vermin.
  5. Pikachu get back here!
    Bloody hell, this little bolt of lightning has been evading me! The most famous Pokemon of all, Pikachu, has been running away from my pokeballs like a hooker running from Jack the Ripper. Only difference is Jack got his prize and I still don’t. So hereby I am pleading to Niantic Labs, to make it easier to catch Pikachu. Thank you.

Now for all of you getting sentimental at the sound of the Pokemon series tune and all those good memories from your youth, enjoy!



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  1. 😧😧😧! I didn’t not see this connection! Lol

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