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Grinding My Gears: Another New’ish’ iPhone

September 7th Tim Cook will try to wow us again with yet another iPhone, don't expect major changes though. Here is why.

September 7th 2016, mark it in your calendars if you need a phone contract upgrade, actually don’t. Normally I would, just like millions of other idiots, get all excited about an Apple event, but to be honest the only thing I am excited about is the Apple Watch OS3 update coming this September. But that is not what is really grinding my gears folks. On this weeks Grinding My Gears session I take it upon myself to tell you why this summer you should not be buying the next iPhone.

Yes you read correct, and let me tell you why, also so you do not have waste all your time watching the Apple event. Now most of you would say, I couldn’t care less about the Apple event, and I do not blame you, the tech nerd in me though cannot resist. Just bare with me though if you actually were deciding on getting the new iPhone…

iPhone 7
So the upcoming iPhone(s) will bring a wealth of new features with them….actually they will not. And I am not surprised anymore. Dragging out the (S) versions of iPhones (4s, 5s, 6s etc..) with no design changes or major software changes is becoming an Apple standard nowadays. (..sigh..)┬áIts like listening to a common rap album nowadays, after the first song you know the second and third are going to have the exact same beat and tune. If you don’t believe me, please do check out Juicy J’s latest abomination of a music album.

Same old design
Are you ready? Here is the new iPhone design according to many many sources.


Yes they redesigned the antenna lines to run over the top, brilliant right? ahum. The biggest changes from a design standpoint will probably be the double cameras on the 5.5 inch Plus model, giving more depth in the pictures and features that you would normally find in a DSLR camera. So for you selfie-fetish Kardashian wannabe’s a dream come true!
A slimmer design and double speakers as they will probably be removing the headphone jack! Yes keep reading! And a possible new black colour, giving us four colours to choose from.

Goodbye headphone jack


Yes it seems crazy but a lot of credible insider sources have been claiming that Apple is planning on getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the upcoming iPhones. Why on earth would they do that you say? Well Apple claims it will be able to make their phones even slimmer. Instead the Apple headphones will come with a lightning port cable going into the same port you use to charge the iPhone. Risky but daring move by Apple I will admit. But in the days of wireless bluetooth headsets and speaker systems its not such a weird move at all come to think of it. What are your thoughts on this bold move?

That’s it?
As always we can expect the roll out of the next version of iOS, Mac OS and WatchOS this month. So in this case iOS10 with no major design changes except for a new notification center, Mac OS Sierra and WatchOS3 that will finally give apps running in the background and instant opening of apps without loading times!
It is expected that these iPhones will no longer have 16gb of standard memory but will now offer 32gb, 64gb and 128gb where the 7 Plus version might even offer 256gb. Ranging from around 800 to 1000 euro’s, for a phone, a bloody phone!

iPhone 8 Excitement!
Hold on, you just said iPhone 7?! Yup, that is because I suggest you wait a year.
Apple is working on a complete design overhaul for the iPhone 8. From possible curved screens, no more physical home button (integrated into screen), larger battery, design overhaul for iOS11 and much more. There have been many reliable reports that Apple are working on some form of the above so it will only be a matter of patience.
Keep your wallet in your pocket and skip the upcoming iPhone 7 folks, nuff’ said!

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