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6 Simple Tricks To Improve Your iPhone/iPad’s Battery Life

Here are 6 simple tricks to improve your iPhone/iPad's battery life and all that without using your charger.

Just like Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse needed their daily fix, so does your iPhone or iPad. Good job electricity is healthier. And let us not fool each other, yes the iPhones have terrible battery life and thus these tricks might come in very handy to you. For some you will have to dig in menu’s you probably normally would not poke around in. However I am giving you the easy route by showing you.

1. Background app refresh
Every app you have installed on your phone or tablet can continue running in the background unless you tell it otherwise. An app constantly or even intermittantly running in the background draws power from your device. And on a smartphone that power is a lot more limited than on a tablet. The iOS software gives you the opportunity to pick per app if it will run in the background or not, potentially saving you a lot of juice. Follow these simple steps.

Go into your ‘Settings’ app. Then navigate to ‘General’, and scroll down to ‘Background App Refresh’. You will now see a list of apps with and on/off switch to the right coloured green if activated. Turn every app off that you do not require to run in the background. I suggest you keep social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your email turned on.

2. Siri (who?)
Siri, you know that person you can talk to on your phone? It’s like having your own ‘Baldrick’ (Blackadder pun) but a lot smarter and cleaner. Now I bet that most of you do not ever use Siri. It can be fun to ask her what the weather is going to be in Mozambique, but firstly who cares and secondly why don’t you just go to your weather app and check. By the way Yahoo Weather is one of the nicest weather apps out there, so check it out! Most importantly turn Siri off if you are not using her as she likes to lurk in the background.

So again go into your ‘Settings’ app and navigate to ‘General’, then tap on ‘Siri’ and turn the switch from green to off and you are done.

3. Spotlight search
Remember the Bat-signal in Gotham City? That thing must pull a lot of power being on all night, well the ‘Spotlight Search’ function on your iphone or ipad draws a lot of power too. However this function is easily overlooked in your settings. Then again I also would not be able to spot Ed Sheeran at a ginger convention. Spotlight search can be accessed while on your homescreen by swiping from the left to the right. The spotlight search page can show news, suggestions for apps, contacts, places to eat and a search bar. Now just like me you probably do not use this function. Important to realise is that to show all that data on that page it needs to load it all in the background to be constantly ready to show once you do move onto that page. Spotlight Search is actually right underneath Siri in the settings menu, so check point 2 on how to get there. Depending on how many apps you have on your device this list can be quite long. Now quite simply untick all of the apps in that list in case you do not ever use the spotlight search page and you are done. Easy-peasy!

4. Auto-Lock (not your car)
Moving on to ‘auto-lock’ which can be found in the same menu as Siri and spotlight search and is located one row underneath background app refresh. Auto-lock basically locks your phone after a certain period of time. You get a choice of 30 second, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 minutes. Now I have always stuck to 30 seconds or 1 minute, mostly 30 seconds and I suggest you do the same to aid that battery life of your device.

5. Auto-Brightness
As you probably found out you can adjust the brightness of your screen. And most of you will have used the slider bar to manually adjust the brightness of your screen. When you are in bed in a dark room you might have brightness lower then when you are outside in the bright sunshine while taking selfies of yourself in bikini. There is however a neat little function that will help you prevent having to adjust this brightness manually all the time. When using the manual slider bar you will often be in situations where you might be using more brightness than required. Well the auto-brightness switch adjusts the brightness automatically in a smart way helping you save precious battery life.

To find auto-brightness go into your ‘settings’ app once more and scroll down to ‘Display & Brightness’. Then at the top you will see the slider bar and underneath the switch for auto-brightness. Switch it on so it turns green and off you go, you have helped your device squeeze out some more precious battery time.

6. Location Services
This little bastard is well hidden and is a major battery drainer, so let us tackle this beast once and for all. Go into your ‘settings’ app and scroll down to ‘privacy’. At the top of this menu you will find a tab with ‘location services’. Now maybe its turned off and if so you may want to realise that none of your apps are able to use gps or location services, rendering google maps, waze, facebook pretty useless. Of course not all apps use location services so this list will be vastly shorter than the spotlight search app, thank God, my fingers were getting sore.

Next to each app you will see the text ‘Never’ or ‘While Using’ or even ‘Always’. When you click on one of the apps in the list you will get a selection list of two sometimes three options: never, while using and or always. Most of my apps are turned to ‘while using’ instead of ‘always’ or ‘never’. This means that apps like ticketmaster, IMDB, camera, calendar do not need to be set to always, because you really only need them while you are using the app…so bloody change it!

Some apps like the App Store I have set to ‘never’, just like Safari and some Dutch apps which I will not burn your eyes with. Adjusting these settings will drastically improve your battery life as it can completely alter /reduce the amount of times your apps use the gps/location services of your phone which in return draws power. Have a play with it and adjust it to your app selection and usage.

Should you have found any other ways of reducing your battery drain then let me know in the comments section!

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