Logitech K780 Multi-Device Keyboard [Review]

sound-less typing
>Good price vs quality balance
>Excellent instant multi-device transitions
>Device stand useful and at perfect angle

>Slightly heavy
>Use of aa-batteries


Whether you are a blogger, author, pen-pal with a prisoner on death row or want to spill government secrets on the internet. Well, I might just have the perfect gadget companion for you.
Early August Logitech released its newest flagship keyboard, the K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard. As I had recently acquired an iPad Pro 9.7 and already use an iPhone 6 for work I had been looking around at an all-round keyboard that could somehow connect all of those. Making it a tad more complex was the need for the keyboard to connect to both iOS/Mac and Windows systems. Logitech did just that with their K780 keyboard.


The K780 is the more advanced and improved although slightly more expensive version of the current K480 model. So what makes the K780 not just another plain keyboard?

Most of us own a laptop, tablet and smartphone nowadays. If not, then please stay in your cave, especially now ‘winter is coming'(GoT). Logitech listened to us customers after the release of the predecessor the K480 and thus came up with a product which really excels on one particular aspect. The ability to connect not one but three devices simultaneously via smart bluetooth (or a Logitech usb Unifyer). Now with the press of a button you can switch between your phone, laptop and tablet. And let me tell you, it really IS instant.

At work I use a dell laptop in docking station, while at home I have a Macbook Pro and my iPad Pro which is always with me. The three white numeric buttons on the top left of the keyboard allow me to easily connect my iPad, Macbook and Windows laptop to the keyboard. The good thing about Logitech products is that they come with a usb unifyer which once plugged into your pc can link up with multiple Logitech devices without requiring another usb Unifyer. My Windows work pc has a unifyer which already connects with my Logitech mouse and thus after installing the Unifyer software was easily connected to the K780 keyboard.


The K780 comes with two aa-batteries and one usb Unifyer in the box. As my 2011 Macbook Pro does not have smart bluetooth  yet I plugged the Unifyer into that and also managed to connect my iPad through bluetooth successfully. Logitech added the nice feature of being able to set the keyboard to Windows layout or Mac/iOS layout depending on which device is selected. And also this works seemlessly.

There are two negative points and these are the tiniest points of criticism  I have, about the K780 keyboard. On the one hand the aa-batteries take up a lot of space and of course will run out at some point and on the other hand the device is quite heavy at 875 kg. As I carry this keyboard in my work bag, which fits perfectly even with its  158 mm x 380 mm x 8 mm at front, 22 mm at back dimensions, I cannot deny it is on the heavy side. Not ‘that’ heavy leading me to buying two, one for work and one for home, no definitely not.

With the negatives out of the way we already mentioned the multi-device connectivity and simplicity of setup. For someone like me who types a damn-lot on a given day the typing noise has always annoyed me on most common keyboards. Logitech has also thought about this and done fantastic job at making the keys ever so light, quiet and gratifying when pressed. The touch is nice and gentle and the round buttons look so much better than the usual square ones. A pure typing sensation!

Last but not least the K780 has a very neatly designed rubber cradle. Which according to Logitech can hold smartphones and devices up to 12 inches while standing at the optional reading/typing angle. You could even use this keyboard while sitting on your couch in the living room and having your iPad and phone on the cradle, the keyboard adds plenty of stability. Especially on a flat surface there is no vibration or tilting of the keyboard. There is a power switch on the right side of the keyboard which does give me some more control over my battery life.


So what does this mighty gadget cost?

A very affordable and acceptable €99 / £74,99 / AUD 149,95. Oddly enough I have not been able to find a release for the United States yet, neither on Amazon or Logitech’s own website. Now that is what I call good price versus quality, Apple are you paying attention?!!



The K780 multi-device keyboard offers instant switching with three devices, Mac/iOS/Windows compatibility all with the ease of pressing a button. Although on the slightly heavy side for portability and use of aa-batteries, its 99 euro price is spot on in terms of quality vs price. A near perfect, almost soundless, gentle typing experience worth every penny.




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