Grinding My Gears

Grinding My Gears: Football player’s wages

Football, yes Soccer and its ludicrous wages. Is kicking a ball worth earning 300k a week? I don't think so! And this coming from a football fanatic.

Yes ‘Grinding My Gears’ is my little monthly returning moan session about whatever seems to grind my gears at the time, is there anything that grinds your gears then do get in touch and share your thoughts!

Football Player’s Wages
What is your favourite football club? Please tell me you watch football? And when I say football I mean the one and only football, just to clarify for my American friends, I mean ‘soccer’. But hold on, before you stop reading my American friends, stick around as you will be all too familiar when it comes to player wages in sports like baseball, basketball and ‘american’ football.

Rooney, i’m from Liverpuuuuuuulll..
Whether you are from England or not, any football fan will have heard of the name Wayne Rooney. A once massive talent from Liverpool, the city not the club (he came from Everton), and when I say once, I really mean once.

Wayne Rooney (30), Man.United

The guy nowadays does two things very well; earn stupid amounts of money and not only look like a monkey but playing like one as well. And then we have not discussed his English, or Liverpudlian! But we shall not go down that rabbit hole.
So let’s not dwell on that lost talent for too long and focus on the wages here, sickening wages to be honest.

Kick a ball
Because what is football about? Essentially just like basketball and baseball it all evolves around that ball. Or in this case kicking it. Yes I might be oversimplifying things but trust me the die-hard fanatic football fan in me can take a lot from the money obsessed football world but when it comes down to wages I am just lost for words.
Yes being a fanatic Arsenal fan seeing our top players walk out to the rivals has been a tiring and painful experience, but can you blame them? Well actually yes I can.
Because an average Premier League football player earns €2.000.000 a year, which comes down to about €42.000 A WEEK! (
To put things into perspective a supposed top class player like Rooney earns roughly €15.000.000 a year, or €304.000 A WEEK! (
So really for a normal hard working citizen like you and I this is crazy-money, right? Would you know what to do with €304.000 a week? I am sure Balotelli knows what to do with it, yes squander it 😉 Imagine being able to buy a house every week, buy a dozen mini-coopers weekly and so on…And mostly a pretty model comes with it for free, well you know what I mean.

No going back
Of course these types of wages are common in other sports like basketball and american football where it is very normal to assume a top wage ranging between 10 and 40 million dollars a year. Of course I enjoy seeing some of these players do things with a ball that I could never dream of doing, but adding all the theatrics during the game, the overhyped metro-sexual arrogance and diva-behaviour just adds insult to injury. To my knowledge there is no footballer on earth who deserves to earn 10, 20 million euros a year on basic wage, it is football. You know how much a nobel prize winner receives?
€843.000 (
Now, people who have studied and done research for a lifetime all for the better of mankind deserve tens of millions, not overhyped footballers. No matter how frustrating it is the world of football is quickly losing its origins of passion, loyalty and reason. Back in 1991-1992 the basic average Premier League player’s wages were around €115.000 a YEAR!( Now I can agree with that amount and I would be lucky to be earning that one day. Football equals money and there is definitely no going back now rich oligarchs from Russia and the Middle East have shown that money has barely no limits.

With that out the way, this weekend is the start of the 2016/2017 Premier League season and yes I am more excited than ever. And just like me there are still many millions of fans that continue their passion for their clubs even when their hearts are bleeding from all the money being flushed into their clubs and players. I love football and will never stop loving it, but for the sake of the game, please stop these ludicrous wages from rising any further.
Sheik Mansour and Mr Abramovic, you have been warned…

P.S. please lower ticket prices as well.




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