My Smartphone, My Precious!

Smartphones becoming a problematic factor in your relationship? Let's discuss folks!

Let’s say you are out and about with your wife/girlfriend/friend and you go for a coffee or lunch, how much shall we bet that you both end up sitting there with your smartphones in your hand? Exactly you recognise this scenario.

Our technologically advanced world has driven us to a method of living which is ludicrous to say the least, but just as realistic at the same time. I will admit that I am one of those people who just has to have his smartphone on him all the time, I check in on Facebook when I am somewhere and in the weekend need my football scores almost every minute. Last week while on a business trip to England, I was sat in a restaurant and noticed the family sitting opposite of me doing something which the parents probably wouldn’t have imagined doing a few years ago. The father and mother both had their phones in their hands and the children were actually looking bored sometimes taking a peek at their parents phones to see what they were up to. Now I am going to be honest with you, I thought that was a bit unacceptable. (at least give the kids a phone too, no just kidding!)

One thing has become very clear in our materialistic world, we love technology and cannot live without it, especially smartphones. Even my girlfriend does not realise how often she checks her Facebook feed on a day wherever we are (ha, yes you do). But has this craze gone too far? Have we sacrificed our traditional social standards of interaction? Well personally I think our smartphones are new means of interaction and fun. Yes fun, how often have you not shown a Facebook status or picture or whatsapp to your friend and had a good laugh? I must say that some of my friends seem to have a part time job with sending their dirty minded whatsapp video’s all day. (Some are damn funny though) Smartphones have become a fashion statement of some sort. What phone do you have? Why did you pick those colours? Have you seen the new iPhone? Etc..etc.. It’s almost like people identify themselves with their smartphones. Maybe I do indirectly as well. Since a year I have become a true ‘Phablet’ aficionado, from the Galaxy Note 3 to my red Nokia Lumia 1520, I just love them oversized and flashy. And funnily enough they do actually fit in my pockets.

What has the world evolved into when even my parents sit at the dinner table with an iPad and their iPhones?!!! Things change so quickly, just look at Justin Bieber, one day you’re hot the next you are in jail. Same for smartphones, one day we are using the first iPhone, a few years later we have surpassed that a million times and use phones which can practically think for themselves and barely need us to work anymore. The fact that any information can be accessed almost anywhere, from maps to shops, restaurants, museums, tickets, music etc.. is just astonishing. I relish this and could’t imagine a world without it. My most recent revelation was the discovery that I actually didn’t need a separate digital camera anymore. My Nokia Lumia 1020 and its 41 megapixel Pureview camera exceed what most camera’s can. So instead of carrying my rather large Canon HDR camera I now carry the small but oh so brilliant Lumia 1020, a camera that fits almost any pocket.

Try counting how many times a day you look at your phone, count how often you actually have your phone in your hands when you are with friends or family in public sitting in a restaurant or bar. You will probably feel ashamed at the high number. But that is ok, you are not alone. It is very clear that our world has simply developed into a Heaven of Technological Enlightenment that keeps surpassing our wildest dreams every year. One innovation after another, and without us realising it has taken over our lives, like Justin Bieber needs prostitutes, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. So let us continue, taking and using, our phones everywhere, making silly and beautiful pictures, sending dirty video’s to your friends, checking our Facebook feeds every hour, just because we CAN!

P.S. Oh and to all those people who get annoyed with people like me sitting in restaurants and bars with their phones out….I received 15 likes on my restaurant check in on Facebook, how many did you get? Exactly! 🙂

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