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Lindemann – Skills in Pills [Review]

ShieldreviewseightPervy, grotesque, provocative, sexy and humorous are some key words that sum up the first album from Rammstein’s frontman Till Lindemann and Swedish death metal musician Peter Tägtgren. The album titled Skills In Pills is sung completely in English. Yes you read that correctly, Till Lindemann is singing in English, or at least relatively decent English to be really honest. But don’t let that ruin the listening experience for you, as it could have been much worse, right Cheeky Girls?! Most non-German people have seen this below joke and commercial and would probably associate Till’s English to this, but apart from 2 or 3 bad pronunciations I am going to give Till a pass on that front.

Let’s move on from the linguistic side of things, don’t want to anger the Eastern Germans do we 😉
Because let us be honest, from the very first minute to the last, Skills In Pills manages to captivate the mind and alleviate the serious and conservative mindsets of our current society. If Taylor Swift says ‘fuck’ or 50 Cent shows women tied to chains in the Pimp Like Me video people immediately go: “Oh no that is despicable”. Well Lindemann spice that up a bit with their opening song Praise Abort, but then taking it further with the songs ‘Fat’ and ‘Golden Shower’. No that is not a shower of gold…google it if you dare. Mentioning the song ‘Fat’ actually, the purely majestic opening sound of an organ and then the heavy metal guitar riffs are simply mind-blowing. Add in the baritone voice rumbling through your ears and you have the sound of Lindemann complete. Listen to ‘Fat’ below.

One thing is clear, for all you die-hard Rammstein fans, this cd is a must have for your collection. For almost 15 years, Rammstein have accompanied me through live and given me sounds that my ears long for on a daily basis. Till manages to recreate a catchy chorus’ in every song that continues to linger in your mind the rest of the day. My favourite suggestions on this album are:
3. Fat
4. Fish On
8. Golden Shower
9. Yukon
10. Praise Abort

This Lindemann album will broaden your horizons and give you all the sweaty fat, stiff rods and blue pills that you could want. Simply ‘wunderbar’!


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