Life Without Facebook And Whatsapp

Would you stop using Facebook and Whatsapp? Why are there still so many hung up on the privacy issues? Let's talk about it.

It is easy to misconceive the title here as I am not one of those people that has abandoned Facebook and or Whatsapp for various reasons of which most are absolutely outrageous. And before I get into those peculiar reasons it is vital that we are all on the same line here with regards to respecting everybody’s opinion. Except I really couldn’t care less. This article will simply tell all those anti-Facebookers and Whatsappers why they are a pain in the ass. Although I am not sure whether anti-facebooker is an actual word.

If I look at my own circle of friends and acquaintances and those of others then one fact becomes very apparent. About 8 out of 10 people use Whatsapp and Facebook on a daily basis. Now before you ask why I chose Whatsapp and Facebook, that is mainly because nowadays these are globally the most commonly used means of communication. And this is exactly where my frustration sets in. To be perfectly honest I do not expect everybody in the world to be a gadget freak, nerd or tech-fan like me, but when everybody around you uses Facebook and/or Whatsapp, what on earth could bring you to the point and say NO to both??!!
That’s like saying you have no idea about what ‘twerking’ is or ‘planking’. Or that you have never seen Pitbull appear in a music video. Or you think that Apple is an actual fruit…

Anyway the point is not that you become a Facebook addict or cannot put your phone away anymore because you get so many Whatsapp messages, but that you are becoming a hindrance in being someone’s friend. So let us get back to that list of reasons why not to use Facebook and/or Whatsapp, shall we?
1. The FBI, KGB, MI6, Government, CIA and IS can see all my profile content and pictures
2. I do not like Facebook’s privacy settings and rules
3. I do not like Whatsapps privacy rules
4. Ever since Facebook acquired Whatsapp I have stopped using Whatsapp as I do not trust Facebook and their privacy rules
5. I am not on Facebook because I do not want to have everyone sticking their noses into my business
6. All of the above (as I am a paranoid lonely nitwit)

So let us analyse the above real quick and give our honest opinion on these lovely reasons. (wink)
Number one, and I kid you not, most people who told me they were quitting Facebook and or Whatsapp mentioned this to be THE reason why they quit. Yes you really must be either a international top criminal or terrorist or bloody stupid to think that those agencies are interested in seeing you sext your girlfriend! Come on folks 99.9% of us will never ever have anything to deal with those agencies in our whole life so stop being paranoid.
Numbers two to six I can summarise really as you all have to consider the following. If you think that your pictures and posts and messages are so incredibly secret/important that you want to keep Facebook/Whatsapp from looking at them then yes, go ahead and refrain from using those apps. BUT you and I both know that that is definitely not the case. I know two people now who I can only send a text, because they will not share their lives on Facebook or are easy to reach on Whatsapp like the 70 other people in contact list. Even my parents are on Facebook and they are pretty paranoid!

You are a nuisance to everybody that knows you so please stop thinking, and simply start using Facebook and Whatsapp, so you can be a proper friend again. (sort of)
Look at all the good things Facebook can bring, staying in touch with everybody you know (except you of course), having people being interactively part of your social life. And Whatsapp has made chatting and sending pictures/videos and especially sexting (for some) so much easier!
Simply enjoy it!

P.S. in case MI6 is reading this…Are you still recruiting? My number is 0900-007.



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