Top 5 Must See TV Series

Looking for Jon Snow or Harvey Specter, then you might be in luck. But hurry winter is coming...


1. Suits
Two men in suits, yes the title says it quite clearly. What on earth could be so interesting about two men in expensive suits? Well prepare to be mesmerised! Or not. That is up to you. All I can say is that this series is by far the most exciting series I have watched since the days of Lost and Prison Break. Have I tickled your curiosity?
Suits is built around the world of lawyers. Corporate law to be precise. Ugh most of you will think, that must be as exciting as Clinton getting his johnson sucked off, oh no wait that was actually exciting! Well maybe as exciting as Glee, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus put together then?! No please put all your worries and sexual frustrations away and listen.
Suits involves two guys, one of them has the most amazing name, Harvey Specter. The other one not so much, Mike Ross. Mike is a genius and accidentally crosses paths with New York’s hot shot lawyer Harvey Specter, this lands him a job at Harvey’s law firm. But before I spoil the whole plot let me tell you that Suits is a sexy mixture of deceit, conspiracy, drama, incredibly good acting, beautiful men and women, fantastically expensive Gucci, Armani outfits and unbelievably exciting plots. And most importantly the directors have managed to create a series that manages to amaze and twist every single episode. If you are a lawyer yourself, this series will be like hardcore porn to you. For all the other non suited, rich boys and girls like you and I, this series manages to give complicated corporate law situations a simplified twist so we can all enjoy it in layman’s terms.
Seriously folks get watching!


2. Game of Thrones
Where do I begin? Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings), Lena Headey (King Leonidas’s Queen from 300), Kit Harrington (some Yorkshire lad), Emilia Clarke (mmmh dragons..), Peter Dinklage (most amazing small person), Natalie Dormer (creepy yet sexy) and Charles Dance (old bugger seems to be in every new movie nowadays). Quite a cast I must say. Wait there is one important one missing some of you might say, Carice van Houten (Melisandre). Please, even though I am biased as she is Dutch, I would rather poke my eyes out, play cricket and get a back rub by Freddy Krueger then watch her for one more second. Somebody seriously needs to teach her how to talk as well. Excuse my French.

Anyway the Game of Thrones is a series taken from the books by George R.R. Martin A Song of Fire and Ice. It all evolves around the fight of several noble families trying to take control of the magical land of Westeros. As there have been quite a few books written and the storyline is so incredibly vast and intricate I will keep it very simple. Watch, watch, watch this program! If you do not like fantasy or magic, bugger off, after this you will want to sleep with a Harry Potter wand! Yes even dragons appear in the series! Come on, it doesn’t get more enticing than dragons! All kidding aside, my main reason for watching this show is for the purest form of world class acting (except Carice van Houten). Okay the storyline has so much treachery and deceit it sometimes makes you feel evil and devious yourself just by watching it. If you like dialogue this is your show, there are not many shows that have dialogues that can sometimes take 5 minutes before they change to a next scene. The series does a great job of focusing on all the different characters and their sometimes disgustingly pervy personalities. (Yes Carice, you again)
Mostly taking place at different corners of the world Westeros, it does a great job at combining all the stories and characters moving towards a common goal. Please take your time to watch this series, it’s not like a simple episode of The A-Team (hail B.A.). Your patience and focus will be rewarded, trust me. If the above does not convince you, then please Google it and you will realise that this is by far the biggest and most popular, most watched and most downloaded series at the moment. Keep your eyes out for Melisandre (Carice) and dragons…and a lot of SEX!

maxresdefault (1)

3. Black Sails
Tough pirates, bearded men, nudity, blood, ancient ships and paradise, that sums up Black Sails for you. I personally got hooked to this series just for its location, Nassau (Bahama’s). At least that’s what the show makes you believe, the actual filming location happens to be South Africa, which is not too bad either. Now this is no ordinary pirate show trying to elongate the already heavily covered topic of Captain Blackbeard. No Black Sails offers some class acting, likeable characters and fantastically written scripts and plot twists. Following the trials and tribulations of Captain Flint, this series goes into much depth and detail of what being a pirate really meant and how pirates were perceived. Although vague at first, especially after the first season, the series draws you into the deeper lying details of Captain Flint, his character and his past which is tied to the complete plot of the series. Get your sunglasses, swimming trunks and mojito ready, it’s pirate time!

maxresdefault (2)

4. Gotham
Batman is back, oh no wait he is a little boy. What?! Have I just time travelled? Yes indeed. Gotham is not another Batman reinvented. This show takes us back to the very beginning of the Bruce Wayne story. Starting off with the murder of his parents, a young Bruce Wayne tries to search for the truth about his parent’s murderer. This with the help of an also young Detective Jim Gordon. Now the awesome thing with Gotham is that it portaits some of the biggest and most well-known villains in their early days. Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman, is only a young teenager. Oswald Cobblepot or Penguin as we know him, starts his rise to power. And Fist Mooney played by the ever so eloquent and exhilarating Jada Pinkett Smith. Yes that is Will Smith’s wife!
Think of a young Joker, the Riddler, Harvey Dent, the Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Lucius Fox and a few more, they all give us a glimpse into how it all started in the DC Comics saga. Yes even a very amicable Alfred is here supporting Bruce Wayne in these difficult times. Basically a detective series with murders to be solved, it incorporates the timelines of various young villains perfectly in the main storyline. Especially the characters of Penguin (Cobblepot) and Fish Mooney are expertly played out. It is very easy to quickly take a liking towards main actor Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) while he tries to make Gotham a more justice driven, safer city. How weird this might sound but the producers have done a good job at making me feel sorry for Penguin from the very start.  Already renewed for another season, the first season gives us many characters to get excited about. If you love a good detective series, strong storyline and characters combined with a DC Comics foundation then this is the show for you!


5. The Flash
Not another skinny guy in a tight outfit you probably think. Have we not seen enough of Arrow, Spiderman and Superman already? No I say. Definitely not when we talk about the Flash! The series is based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen, a costumed superhero crime-fighter with the power to move at superhuman speeds. It is a spin-off from Arrow, existing in the same fictional universe. The series follows Allen, portrayed by Grant Gustin (Who?), a crime scene investigator who gains super-human speed, which he uses to fight criminals, including others who have also gained superhuman abilities. Let me be honest I was very sceptical at first but let me tell you, the Flash has swept me off my chair completely. A mostly unknown cast and some superb writing skills have propelled this series to one of the most watched right now. A bit similar to the strong plots in Suits, the Flash manages to amaze and startle you in every episode. Especially after a few episodes the Flash goes into overdrive and really delves into the mystery of his mother’s murder and the unravelling of events afterwards. A fast-paced series with some very new likeable actors and strong storyline. I have watched the Arrow and got bored after a while, I have to say the Flash has surpassed all my expectations and I eagerly await season 2!




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