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Apple iPhone 6s: The Only Thing That’s Changed Is Nothing

Everything or nothing? What has changed with the new iPhone 6s? Let's find out!

Another year, another set of iPhones, more empty wallets and I have the strong urge to start naming the ‘s’ iPhones, the iPhone 6s(ame). Although my opening sentence is of the slightly cynical art, it does however have a double ‘entendre’.  Have you noticed the slogan that Apple used for the launch? Apple’s main launch theme for the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was: The Only Thing That’s Changed Is Everything. Pretty convincing and bold statement I will admit. However I believe this slogan can be interpreted in many ways, more importantly the one that Apple envisions mainly; to show the world that even though this is an ‘s’ version of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus (which normally doesn’t mean a design change or much innovation), the whole phone HAS actually changed.

Now on the other hand of that entendre I have something to show to you. Just so you know I do not have contact lenses or glasses, but correct me if I am looking at this wrongly. Do you see the two images in grey on the left? Those are the new iPhone 6s and 6sPlus (yes now also available in Rose Gold). See the pictures on the right in grey? Those are the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Can you spot the difference? I can.


There is the addition of a small letter ‘s’ under the iPhone nomenclature on the back of the phone. Go to Apple’s website and you will notice that the rest of the design is exactly the same as well. Now when people buy a phone they will focus on three things: price, design and specifications. (Even a lot of the immigrants roaming over Europe seem to have flashy smartphones. Sorry I am slightly digressing there.)
So Apple fails on two of those accounts namely price and looks. I personally have used iPhones for years and still do, I love them, but nonetheless I consider them to be overpriced and Apple seems to keep getting away with their effin ‘S’ iPhone updates, which as you can read is really making my blood boil.

It would seem to me that when you (as one of the worlds largest and most profitable companies) release an iPhone 6 one year and follow it up one year later with an iPhone 6s you would at least try and wow your customers with something new. That includes the bloody looks of the phone. Imagine you own an Audi, its a year or two old and Audi have released a successor to your model which you want to go and get. But then it turns out Audi used the exact same design as the predecessor only changing the engine. Now that wouldn’t be the best selling trick would it? Would you buy it? Probably not, unless your name is Wayne Rooney or Kim Kardashian maybe. The electronics world is an odd one though and what is even more odd, the Apple customers. Now the same counts for the software Apple has released, iOS 9. It looks and behaves the same as iOS 8.4 only with a few additions that Android had already thought of years ago! Now Apple have come out with 3D Touch or Force Touch which gives you the ability to press harder on the screen for example on an app icon and then an addition little menu will pop so you can quickly take a picture or create an email. Now don’t get me wrong, I find this type of technology pretty amazing, but if I want to take a quick picture I only have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen while on lock screen and ‘wham’ I can take a picture. In short, 3D touch is cool but not a game changer and certainly not enough for Apple to announce that everything has changed. A faster processor, better camera and better materials is nice but not ground breaking or warranting a new phone.

Now coming from the product marketing world I understand that given the opportunity to release a phone with the exact same design will save a lot of money in manufacturing of course. And trust me Apple’s margins on iPhones are despicably large. Then again Apple is what all the other companies are, there to make money at all cost. Unfortunately again at the cost of the customer. Except for the stupid knuckle-heads who stand in line for two days in front of the Apple store. Get a life.


Look at this guy in the picture below, you wouldn’t bring him home to meet your parents would you? No you couldn’t anyway because his iPhone was more important than you ladies. At least he will have a spare hand for his tissues while sitting alone in his bedroom.


One thing I have to give Apple credit for are their marketing skills, because they pulled it off again with their slogan, even though I disagree with it. So on a final note let me say that I will continue to use my iPhone 6 Plus as I still believe iOS is the most stable system available, has the best apps and is still the best looking phone (and has all my girlfriend’s nude pictures stored in the Cloud). BUT, Apple’s arrogance in marketing, these stupendous ‘S’ upgrades and the incredibly slow changes in iOS software are unforgivable for a company the magnitude of Apple!
Now back to watching cute kittens on YouTube and then crying myself to sleep watching The Notebook, on my iPhone….


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